Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Easter! (Easter 09)

Dear Family and Friends,

I lost my wallet sometime this week. I've checked my backpack a dozen times, gone through my luggage, retraced my steps, and searched my room and my car... and yet I still haven't found it. And, perhaps the most unnerving part, and my main cause for concern, I get a blank when I pray to know where to look. Most of the time, I ask for help and I see a sort of snapshot of where my missing item is, whether underneath a pillow or inside a box somewhere. I spent the last few hours (which I wanted to spend writing) looking again... with no luck. Hopefully I find it soon.

Realizing that I've lost my wallet was probably the only difficult thing this week, which was nice. This week was actually amazing. I've created a schedule for myself that includes outlining the time I want to spend studying the scriptures, writing, and everything else that is important... and it is amazing to see how much I am able to accomplish. While I'm still not entirely sure what I will be doing with my life in the coming months, I am sure that the Lord will take care of me. Too many things are happening that let me know that He is watching over me.

Since it is Easter, I thought I would simply bear my testimony. I know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. I know that He was born of Mary and lived a perfect life. I know that He taught the truth and led the way for us to return to Heaven someday, and that He atoned for our sins, our sorrows, and all our mistakes. I know that He died for us and was resurrected on the third day... and that He lives. I know that He lives and guides us today through a living prophet, and that He will come again to the earth someday. The Gospel's message is one of peace and joy – go out and share it with the world! Go out and be missionaries!

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