Monday, November 9, 2009

Inward Reflections - Nov 9, 2009

This week my letter will be short. As far as outward progression goes, this week could rank pretty low on the scale. Projects at work are at a temporary standstill, no news from Stanford on my application (no news doesn't equal good news in this case), and everything is going as planned for Savior of the World. I haven't achieved any major accomplishments or even begun on the road to attempt anything world-changing. But life is a growing experience nonetheless – and that's important in my life. Last week I fretted about not having a powerful, passionate, urgent need to consume my time. Normally I throw myself head over heels into something and it devours every waking moment of my life. But I've realized that I don't need to have one overarching passion that consumes me – there are plenty of amazing things that I need to accomplish in life – things that are part of commitments that I've already made. And I can simply be passionate in the completion of those things.

Whenever I seem to have a bit of unscheduled time, I think of all the things that I could begin – projects, plans, and programs. And sometimes I overlook the commitments I've already made – and the projects that I started the last time it happened. Each of us has the opportunity to schedule our time. Sometimes we have passionate, overarching visions that can guide us in our lives... and sometimes we are simply surviving on the day-to-day. My invitation for you is to live in the moment this week – to be passionate in the little things each moment and to see the hand of God wherever you find yourself. As you turn to Him and focus on the little things in life, I promise that He will open your eyes, help you feel greater peace, and guide you on the path to happiness. Then you can go share it with the world. Go out and be missionaries!

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