Saturday, February 17, 2007

The beauty of Ladispoli!: July 13, 2005

...Imagine a huge apartment that once housed the sisters. We have three rooms, a large kitchen, and bathroom, with a wrap-around patio that has a quasi-beautiful view of the sea. The wind is always blowing and the millions of flowers are in bloom here in Ladispoli. Everywhere there are trees and the air is so clear I got sunburned the first day we went out to knock doors. There is a beautiful river that goes right through the center of town and we have counted at least 13 supermarkets. Everything is within walking distance and at least one sister already wants to be a branch missionary. The Church building is literally one minute from our house, and is very visible from the street. Our branch president is great, and the whole branch has beautiful singing voices. My companion is amazing - we don't lose a step together and have no trouble singing harmony walking down the wide, sun-dazzled streets. Truly, Ladispoli is like Heaven. (Oh, and we have wall-unit air conditioners. The sisters were spoiled, and now we are.)
Back to business... Give my love to the members and investigators.
Also, could you send a copy of the pesto calabrese recipe? I forgot to copy it down... and also, if you ever make a copy of the translation of the Restoration, could you send a copy in the mail? (Or office mail... whichever one works)
I love you Nap Cent! ...But I think I love Ladispoli better. (just kidding. It's a different kind of love.)

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