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...can be a heaven on Earth...: July 21, 2005

...and the answer is still... Ladispoli !!!!
Dear Family,
If I'm only going through the usual exhilaration at seeing a new place and meeting new people, changing responsibilities and suddenly being spoiled in a whole different way, that's fine with me. Ladispoli is beautiful still, even though literally sweat is dripping down my face as I hurry to type this letter in the few minutes I have before an appointment this evening. The letter is one day late because we had Zone Conference yesterday - it was awesome! We traveled to Rome and saw the rest of the Rome Zone. Our Mission President gave a great addestramento (seminar, teaching thing, training) and it was a wonderful experience. I really have decided to be happy, and it's amazing what it can do for me. It is a bit difficult at times, but it's certainly worth it.
I and my companion had a good discussion this morning. We had gotten over the 'initial spike' and needed to define the roles in our relationship. I have never been the best junior companion; if there is any degree of wavering in a decision, I make it; I also always want to know why decisions are made (even if I have to wait a while for the answer) so I can be an informed follower. We explained exactly what the roles were defined to be, and we came up with a few commitments that each of us are going to keep. I am going to give him time during lessons to catch his breath (even when he is struggling), if I do take over a lesson I will give an overview so he doesn't suddenly get lost (for some reason I teach without him having any way to talk... that doesn't work), and support him in the day-to-day decisions he makes. He will always try to have a why available, or at least be willing to think of it afterwards.
For your upcoming talk on pioneers, an important part of being a pioneer is helping to raise the heads that hang low around you - how many pioneer stories would exist if there were no friendships on the plains or Church organizations today? A missionary is a pioneer because we leave our homes and families and travel to a different culture, all for the goal of building up Zion. It's just like the pioneers that left their homes to build Zion in Kirtland, Nauvoo, Utah, and other places they were called to by the Prophets. As the Primary song says, "You don't have to push a handcart, ..... or walk a thousand miles or more to be a pioneer." It explains that pioneers exist in every day and age, only that our personal exuberance to fulfill the commandments of God the best we can, courageously and stalwartly (?) define us to be pioneers in our own right. There are pioneers in all areas of the Church, whose dedication and faith change the lives of those who pass after them. I am certainly grateful for modern-day pioneers.
Well, it was short, but I'm out of time. Love you all! I'm putting together a HUGE branch mission plan to up our efficiency. Pray that we will be able to implement it in the right way! I love you tons!
Anziano David Peterson

p.s. - thanks a lot for your emails and letters.

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