Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Times and Seasons: September 6, 2006

Dear soon to be Hermano Peterson,
In the MTC there are no phone calls home. Period. You don't get to call home on Christmas... and you will be there for Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years! Wow - what an incredible blessing - tons of Apostles will come to visit you! You do get to call home from the airport, however, if you have a layover. But... your release date from the MTC may very well be my last day in the field, which would make it all but impossible to reach me (on a plane going to Chicago the next day, not to mention the difficulty in time zones - we are 9 hours different from Utah)... Once we find out when you are leaving the MTC, maybe we can talk about it. Tanto, we'll hear from each other again. (Fra poco anche tu devi imparare una lingua basata sul latino). Go get the new white handbook and memorize it! It's incredible... and it has some new rules. More on that in the real email. Ciao! I love you!
Anziano Peterson

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