Friday, February 16, 2007

On Mothers: April 20, 2005

Little Brother - Your typing is...
...about as good as mine would be if I had no contact with English - I know it takes more time, but the keyboards in America are really easy to use when inserting capitalization and punctuation. I love you, little brother.
Missionary caliber quotes for Mother's Day? Here's one...
"When I think of holidays throughout the year, I think most fondly of two - Mother's Day and Christmas. I think that these two holidays are the most reliable and memorable holidays of the whole year, because they are the only ones when you can call to ensure that the card you sent in the mail a month ago has actually arrived!" - Anziano Peterson (I guess I need to send a Mother's Day card now...) (Missionaries call home 2x a year - Mother's Day and Christmas)

Here's another quote on Mothers...
"Every day I walk the streets of Napoli, I see children. Children smoking, children wearing close to nothing, children swearing. Every day I realize how blessed I am to have been born to a Mother - not just a woman to give me birth and send me off to life, but a Mother - one who is willing to give and has given everything for me. I would that every child could have such a Mother." - Anziano Peterson
I love you!
Anziano Peterson

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