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A long voyage... gifts we bring... Sardegna: December 21, 2005

Dear Family and Friends,
Transfers have come and gone and we are hurriedly packing to board the boat tonight. An extreme sense of frugality paid off (literally) this week, as having enough in my mission account (if I don't need to use it, why waste it? It's consecrated money, and it is to be used only for very specific purposes) enabled me to buy all the boat tickets to go to Rome. I will be training a new Anziano - as of yet we do not know who he is - one of the eight pictures that were on the back of this transfer's Roman Forum. Quartu will be a good place to learn to do missionary work. I hope that I can "train him perfectly," as President asked. I know that here in missionary work we need to work together and learn from each other. Hopefully I can be humble enough to help us do miracles here. So, we get on the boat tonight, my companion going to Firenze (Florence), and I to Rome to pick up my new companion. ...And the gifts we bring? Being in Sardegna means that we don't get packages, almost ever. Everything goes to Rome and we get them twice a transfer (and often the days for interviews and Zone Conference are very close...). So, I decided to take empty luggage with me and bring home everyone's Christmas and other presents. It should be fun. Also I ordered a bunch of stuff from the office - and I'll bring home a new companion. I guess it helps me to realize and understand the feeling of Christmas as well - what a responsibility to teach, to instruct, to train a new companion. Think about the responsibility to raise the Christ child... I, too hope that the Lord can help me to do everything He needs me to do. I return Friday, and then if I can I'll send you an email telling you when I'll call... Or maybe I'll just call. My camera decided to break again today, but I guess I'll pray for it and change the batteries (needs batteries.) (smile), and maybe we'll have to wait until the Millenium to see pictures of the Devil's Saddle (where we went today + I got a rash from some plant (turned to hives and then went away. Phew! I also twisted my ankle - still painful. Also my camera broke (while I was taking a picture!?!? (This reminds me of Excel and making sure to close all the parentheses at the end of an equation. I always loved watching, learning to do new things.)))) We made it our alive! Free at last! Take a deep breath!
We had some great success this week. I got letters with recipes as well, and with a few modifications we had applesauce cookies! Thank you Sister West! (I'm sure it will get to her somehow) I also made a chiffon cake for my birthday, but didn't have a recipe... so it was really odd. My companion ate almost all of it. I ate a piece and was done. We also had risotto alle lenticchie. It was good. We have a pile that it growing of panettone and pandoro (I have never eaten panettone with butter - maybe it would be good... the fat content is astronomical!), so my companion can reminisce (that looks Italian as a word) about Peruvian traditions. I'm grateful that the little ones are saving for the mission. Well, the work is going well. I have learned this week that obedience in friendships is very important. Don't be too friendly as a missionary. It is dangerous.

I'll probably call after Church... let's see... Noon your time would be 6 my time... so I'll try calling around Noon your time. I'll call Grandma's phone. If there are problems, whatever. We'll work it out. I'll call you, and don't worry about it. I love you all! I'm sorry that I still haven't had time to send stuff outside the family... and I don't have a picture to decipher... and I still love you even if the world collapses. Have a great Christmas! Gift the best gift of Christmas - a testimony of Christ!
Anziano David Peterson
Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)

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