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Dreams and Promises: June 28, 2006

Dear Family and Friends,
On Friday I was reading the Roman Forum (a 2-page mission newsletter given out at each Zone Conference every 6 weeks) and read a talk by the Mission President's Wife, who talked about her resolve to memorize a few things - the articles of faith in Italian, the Proclamation to the World, etc... I decided to match her resolve and went to work memorizing. I have never been a huge fan of memorizing things - one reason may be because I would rather be able to understand and explain the underlying doctrine that simply spout out words... and another is simply that it comes easily to me. Has there ever been something that, because it is simple and doesn't take much time, you simply forget about it, when if it took more time you would dedicate time toward fulfilling it? It's that way for me and memorization. Well, I began a program that wouldn't take any time out of my studies, of memorizing scriptures, etc, and then reciting them daily (for the first bit) in the shower, while eating (in my head), while cleaning, while watering plants or making lunch or riding bikes or whenever. And, interestingly, I began having dreams. We talked about receiving the incredible promised blessings of the Lord on Tuesday at DDM; there are lots of huge blessings that the Lord gives to missionaries, yet sometimes we are 'stuck in the doldrums' of missionary work and simply go out to do house or mostra (streetboard) and don't really work toward fulfilling a promise that the Lord has given us. We work, and we do missionary work, but we perhaps are not going towards the goal that the Lord has in mind for us. For example, in Alma 26... I think... it explains the prerequisites for "bringing thousands of souls unto repentance." What missionary, in his heart, doesn't want to accomplish that? But how many don't apply it to themselves - they think, "It was only for South American missionaries... or only for missionaries in the past - the culture today is different - you can't talk to that many people... it's impossible... the Lord wouldn't do that for me - I'm nobody, and the sort. We simply need to fulfill requirements and ask the Lord for promised blessings, and, as He has explained, "I, the Lord, am bound, when ye do what I say. But when ye do not what I say ye have no promise." The Lord is bound to fulfill His promises to His children, no matter who they are. If we want to bring thousands of souls unto repentance, we can do it, no matter who we are, if we simply fulfill the requirements stated in the scriptures we will receive the promised blessing, and stated... "There is a law... (and when we receive any blessing, it is upon our obedience to that law upon which it was predicated)." There are similar promises in the Book of Ether - Ether 3 and 4 explain how we can receive the vision of the Brother of Jared. Doctrine and Covenants is filled with promises... at the end of 76 it tells us how we can see the same, and 67 (I think) gives a promise of seeing the face of God. In person. John 14 talks about sending the Second Comforter, which Christ explains before as His personal presence. Should we not hope for and want such things? The Prophet Joseph Smith explained that such goals are essential for our salvation - the cosidetto (so-called) "Calling and Election made sure". When we realize the blessings available from the Lord, we can then work towards achieving them. Pray for them! And then, the Lord will either give them to you or reveal to you how you must improve to thereby obtain them. I have seen it - the Lord is quicker to help us repent of our weaknesses and transgressions when we are actually working towards His divine goal for us. Go and search out the blessings of the Lord, and then pray for His help to receive them! Have faith, and believe that the Lord will fulfill His promises, and we can see the miracles that were promised to the greatest prophets and the weakest of all Saints.
In helping me in my quest to become better, I had a dream a few nights ago. It was a very sobering dream, and I told it in my email, but I'll not put it online.
As the dream ended, I became aware of the meaning. Here in life we have so many things that tempt us. For one, it is unworthy thoughts. For another it is a lost temper. For another it is integrity in money matters, and another it is simple honesty and truth. And every time we indulge, every time we refuse the promptings of the Spirit, we play on the Devil's Playground. Innocent though it seems, fun while it lasts, wickedness never was happiness. He will destroy us and laugh as all our hopes of happiness run away.
I couldn't sleep after that. I thought about all my imperfections, and resolved to never again "play on the devil's playground," no matter what the cost. Nothing was worth the suffering. Nothing was worth the agony. And nothing was worth the utter dread and horror of the consequences of our actions. I hope that all of you can look inside yourselves and find the strength to overcome that last sin - that last indulgence on the devil's playground - and to walk in righteousness all the days of your life. The Lord has offered us His hand, and He will guide us and save us if we will follow His every footstep. I know it is true!
The work here is going well - we are improving, and we will see the promised blessings of the Lord. We will stop playing on the devil's playground and walk in the light. We will see the success promised to the ancients. That is our resolve.
I know that this Church is true. I know that Jesus is the Christ, and that He has come to save us from the fate we know not. He knows the consequences of our actions, and so He has extended the hand to us, to pull us from the jaws of death. If we follow His commandments, we can become like Him. We can gain power over the adversary and then we can help others to flee from his face. Let us cry repentance! They must understand - they must not play on the devil's playground! I know that we have a prophet of God, and that Jesus is the Christ, and that the Book of Mormon is true. Read it, pray, and the Lord will manifest unto you His will and what you must do to become free from Satan's grasp. I love you all! Please repent!

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