Friday, February 16, 2007

From the city of Napoli: May 11, 2005

Dear Family & Friends!
Hey Dad - this is how I learned to type using more than two fingers - I use to type using two fingers as well. Just force yourself to use more than one finger on each hand - at first it will take even longer (è possibile???) but after maybe a week your fingers will be more used to the key spacing and your speed will increase dramatically. Mom can help you determine which keys are to be typed with which fingers. It's worth it. Trust me.
Did you know that Napoli is one of the oldest cities in Europe? It is even older than Rome! And, because it is sooo old, there are laws up the wazoo about not breaking down buildings to build new ones or refinishing outside walls. So, this is literally an ancient city - the laws require nothing else. That's why the palazzi are so old... I'll take some pictures this week and send them in my next email. We also found a place where we can develop pictures from cards and print them on postcards for only 30 eurocents...
We have been working really hard on two basic concepts with our members and investigators. With investigators, we are hammering the principle of authority. If we can clearly explain the problem of authority, it makes sense that we need to know who has it. Then, we explain the Apostasy so that it is obvious that other churches don't have it. Then we explain the Restoration of the Gospel and Authority so that they can pray to know for themselves. We have a couple of really brave (brah-vey (good, smart) - not brave as in courageous) people in our teaching pool that we should be able to help to baptism soon. Also, the other missionaries have a bunch that are progressing. I like to feel like I'm an essential part of the work - every time we do exchanges we get bunged by almost all our appointments, but then we find some really great contacts as well...
With our members and inactives, we talk straight charity. We teach the importance of having charity from Moroni and then define what Charity is - the pure love of Christ for all men. 1 Cor 13 explains what we do when we have charity and what charity is not (not alms giving, etc). Then we explain how to get charity (again Moroni and 3 Nephi 12 - pray for your enemies) and the importance at the last day. I used my experience with a teacher at BYU that really required charity and all of them have felt the importance of it. Now it's in their court. We explained very clearly what the Lord expects and we are available to help in any way. I think that is what I will do if I am ever a bishop - go around to the inactives and determine exactly why they are not strong members of the Church and if it is because of offense I'll teach them about charity and mediate their problems. That was a long sentence.
Well, this email will be a bit shorter because we arrived at the Internet Cafe and there were only 3 spots (4 Anziani). I was naturally chosen to wait the extra half-hour... And we really need to leave soon.
We should get to go to Rome to see the stake formed! Wow - history - eternal history in the making! Never before in the history of time has there been a Stake of Zion in Rome (at least that we know of...)
By the way, my ankle is perfect. Really.
I love you all!

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