Friday, February 16, 2007

Letter to Brother: June 2, 2005

Dear Future Missionary -
It sounds like you're having a lot of fun playing soccer and being involved. To prepare for your mission I would suggest a bunch of things, but the most important is learning to love in close relationships - learning to live with people. In the scriptures this is called charity - the ability to love all people even if they don't love you. 3 Nephi 12 and 1 Corinthians 13 talk a lot about how to get charity and how to recognize it. It may be a ways off until your mission, but the importance is still there. If you can learn to gain the Christlike attributes in Preach My Gospel you'll be excellently prepared, no matter where you go or what you do. I'd also suggest learning the grammar principles of a couple different languages (even if you don't take them in school) because that seems to be the most difficult part for others (at least in Italian). After close relationships, learning to feel and understand the promptings of the Spirit. Preach My Gospel is an amazing resource - when Elder Nelson came to our mission our Area Authority encouraged that we carry it around with us like sacred scripture. The promises attached to that book are endless. (And it's not enough to read it once and be done with it - we read it every day and I will probably study it for the rest of my life with the scriptures) I hope you do(did) well in all your games - have fun and play hard!

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