Saturday, February 17, 2007

From Ladispoli: August 3, 2005

Dear Family,
We have had a rough week here in Ladispoli. My companion expressed the wish to grow into a leader... and so we have a few times when we fall because I don't hold on. Today we woke up and studied; we couldn't decide what to do for Family Home Evening tonight, and we spent a long time thinking about it. Finally he asked me some questions, I expressed my feelings, and we are doing something. We were then a bit stressed to get haircuts, email, and shopping done, when EVERYTHING closes at 1:00 and doesn't open until at least 4:00. It's a pain, but it's also a blessing. We never have to rush lunch :) He was stressed and so I made our schedule, told him, and then we are doing it. He has been stressed a lot this last week; he forgot the keys today (I'm grateful we put another set in the Church after the last time - I always have the keys to the Church in my pocket) and I think he is lamenting a bit. Oh well. The prophet was here in Italy this week. He leaves today. We have been praying for him and his mission here. I'm sure he was successful, either way. (A prophet of God can only succeed in doing God's work!)
Next week we are planning on going to see the Vatican Gardens for a part of our Preparation Day. It should be great.
Wow - I never expected for someone else I knew to come to the Rome mission - congrats friend! (At least we don't have the last name - that would be an awful thing. There are already two Petersons in the mission, and we are distinguished by a first initial)
Happy Birthday little brother! I was wondering when it was... Either way, I love you! I hope you like your hair shorter - wear a buzz cut for a while and lots of blue jeans, and then the people won't say you're a girl. (By the way, I have to say the same thing to other people about you. And did you know, our taking the pictures on Railway tracks has led to the most comments I have ever had. Every single person that looks at them mentions that we took them on the railway tracks).
It seems your Enrichment Night and my personal study are linked! I've been studying gifts of the Spirit and talents, and I am working on keeping my journal up to date. I've read over and over my Patriarchal Blessing, and I think I am going to do some type of activity to determine what gifts I have and how to develop them.
I'm grateful for my companion. He helps me to learn to love people and to lift them and support them even when they feel totally inadequate. He's a great missionary.
I, too, am very grateful for the miracle that happened at the pool last Saturday. It is amazing the power that little children have to save lives. I realized this week that they also have power to save souls. I see little children everywhere, and I often wonder what will happen to them. Their parents raise them outside the Church and they never learn to really love God and His teachings. They are beautiful as infants, charming as toddlers, wonderful as children, and then turn out worse and worse as the years go on. Shouldn't it be exactly the opposite - that we develop and establish more fully the traits of divinity that are necessary to enter the Celestial Kingdom? I am grateful ever more for a family that taught me the importance of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I love you all!
Anziano David Peterson

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