Friday, February 16, 2007

Letter Home: March 9, 2005

I spent an hour typing a message and I think it died, and we're at a place that charges us almost by the second... My companion is from California, and we are serving in Naples. Just to include the important stuff, we were robbed at gunpoint on Monday, and I need you to see if Homeowner's insurance will cover it. This is what I lost.
Backpack, Italian Scriptures, passport, wallet, $50 cash card (could you call and see if there's any way to cancel it?), $3 American, $150 in Traveler Cheques (we're working on those), My temple recommend (tell the Bishop to put it on the stolen list), My ID's (I don't know how to apply for new ones), My pen bag with all my pens (including all my stamps, my colored pens, my calligraphy pens, etc - about $80 worth of stuff)... altogether over $500 lost. Could you see if Homeowner's insurance covers it?
We're fine, it's just that a gazillion things seem to be happening all at once - we're moving, the water heater broke, we have very little electricity, we were robbed, we spend more time trying to fix stuff than finding, very few people let us in, all our appointments are with thin air, but we are happy. Sorry, the other letter was better for sending on - You can tell people I'm in Napoli, the food is good, and we are working hard, and we are happy.
I love you!
Anziano Peterson

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