Friday, February 16, 2007

A Short Story: March 16, 2005

So there were these two missionaries walking down the street in Napoli, vicino a the stop for Materdei, and two guys in black coats approach them and stick out a gun and proceed to take all their stuff. The two guys get away with their friends on a motorino, and thus explains a little of my first week in the field. We say here, "When it rains, it pours" A lot of awful things have happened (my companion said he might have broken in my place), but we are working hard and doing our best. That's all the Lord, (and we) can expect. We aren't seeing a lot of results, but we are certainly racking up points on the Trial of Faith meter. Someday the windows of heaven will pour out and drown someone! I love the people here and I think a mission will help me learn to unconditionally love others better. That is certainly an important lifeskill.
We are trying to brainstorm ways to find people.
Missionary work is tiring, but I truly love the people here. I can't say I love it when they absolutely reject the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but it is their choice...
I love the Gospel!

Anziano David Peterson

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